Saturday, April 14, 2018

New MUMS Get The Best Out Of The Rest

We are always overburdened with a lot of suggestions from people who share their own experience as far as buying and using baby products are concerned. But at Momcozy, we do not offer any suggestion and give you the liberty to choose from the plethora of products that we have.

Along with nursing bras the new mum needs other products which will make her journey better. At Momcozy, we give you the best products and assure you to get it at the prices lesser than all the other offers around. Let us have a look
  • ·         Automatic Electric Breast Pump with Massage and Memory

Beginning with massage mode, it helps to stimulate breast milk secretion and switches to pumping mode allowing moms to go about their routine without hassle.
With the memory function your patterns will be remembered, making it more convenient. Made of solid material, the noise of motor is controlled under 50dB. It is slightly louder than a whisper but not loud enough to interrupt the night’s sleep.
Built with 100% BPA free medical-grade material, the  inner valve has an anti-backflow design, which protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh. It has a built-in battery and USB cable and  allows you to use and charge anywhere.
  • ·         Firenze Nursing Cover, Breastfeeding Infants Cover with Opening Neckline

If you are in search of an item that provides you with some privacy during breastfeeding, then this is the right product for you. It is breathable, lightweight and free of any harmful material and can be used anywhere at home or even outdoor that will give easy access to feed with discretion.
It is made of 100% cotton and is large enough to cover you and the baby.
  • ·         Mint Electric Baby Nail File with LED Light

It’s safe and won’t cause any damage to baby’s cuticles, since there is a foam cushion under the file surface to protect the baby’s little nails. There are 2 speeds and  directions which allows you to swiftly trim and polish your baby’s little nails.

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